Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Edinburgh’s Deadly Diseases - A Night in the Dungeon

Last week, I entered dark surroundings, to be suddenly accosted by a terrifying, corrupt and quite frankly, gruesome looking judge. Thus began a terrifically frightening and fun night at The Edinburgh Dungeons. 

Throw yourself back into a time where Edinburgh was brimming with disease, death and deception. Battle against cholera, typhus and the plague, brave a visit to the blood splattered, erratic barber-surgeons and their imaginative and curious, cures and concoctions. If you are luck enough to escape the tonnes of lice, leeches and other unthinkable creatures (and I do not just mean the barber himself) then you can run and visit the old streets.

Test you wit against the Foul Clenger, the dank and dirty plague cleaner who frequents the closes and homes of the diseased. Come up against the oddly familiar call of ‘gardyloo’ from the heights above, and escape the spreading fires, disease and collapsing buildings. 

If like me, you are a little bit of a history enthusiast and love the diverse and harrowing tales of old Edinburgh, then a trip to The Edinburgh Dungeons is most definitely for you! 

I was taken aback at the refreshingly new show, reenacting the horrors of a disease riddled Edinburgh, with interactive 360º theatrical sets, along with two heart stopping rides, including an underground boat trip. The wonderfully interactive 80 minute long show delivers some truly humorous but terrifying antics, along with fabulous storytelling, that has come to be so known of the award-winning attraction.

Along with the spectacular new show, visitors are greeted by some old favourites, including a trip to the graveyard with Burke and Hare, and a brush with some of the legendary Sawney Bean’s clan. 

My personal favourite of the night, besides a visit to the barber-surgeons 'salon' was visiting the legendary Green Lady in her haunted castle. The combination of a tension building light show and a set that seemed to be 'alive' made for an unforgettable experience. 

To complete a wonderfully amusing and equally scary experience, the tour concludes with a visit to the newly revamped and completely reworked shop. Transformed into an 18th Century market street, visitors are free to explore the rat strewn cobbled street, filled with stalls full of fantastical goodies, offering a one-of-a-kind retail experience. 

It would be criminal not to hat-tip those involved with creating this fabulous experience, especially the undeniably talented actors, who immerse each and every single guest in the experience. 

The immersive show goes beyond expectations and is a sure hit with the whole family. 

The show opened on 18th March and runs until 10 April, from 10am - 5pm. Tours can be booked through The Edinburgh Dungeons website: 


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